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In over 20 years, Fabians Work has left its mark in many industries.

From collaborating with Dr. Oetker to providing creative direction for Mondelli and reshaping the experience of BonPrix e-commerce, Fabians expertise extends across fashion, beauty, home, lifestyle and food. Offering creative direction, branding, and consulting services, Fabian has partnered with renowned brands that have shaped the DACH region. Beyond his corporate projects, Fabian created his own brand, fueling his visions with unique fashion designs.

Captivated by the art of creation, he seeks evolution, captures the Zeitgeist, and connects with brand audiences, always focusing on the product.



The real challenge isn't just to craft a picture; that part is simple. What we truly aim for is to create an image that not only captures the audience's attention but keeps them engaged. Through his experience in creation and marketing, Fabian specializes in developing concepts that remain relevant and capture immediate attention, curating an experience that resonates with the audience as well as the brand.


With over 20 years of brand experience, Fabian offers strategic consulting to help brands navigate and define their objectives in the market. From refining strategies to new opportunities or optimized processes: Fabians consulting services are tailored to your needs.


Our branding services focus on creating a unique and memorable brand identity that deeply resonates with your target audience. Through close collaboration with the brand, we defines goals, values, and target markets to shape the brand strategy that sets you apart.


With a tailored strategy, we elevate brands, seamlessly blending with their vision, values and goals. Together with you, we aim to create captivating stories – wether for socials, e-commerce or print – that resonates with the target audience.

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