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started with 21 in the field of photography. Inspired through the work of my grandfather and my mother as a painter. Worked under Christian r. schulz on projects for Dr. Oetker Sony and Miele in Bielefeld till i started my studies on the university of Dortmund in major photography. Mostly in the fields of surrealism fashion and documentary. My work comes from the combined impression of these two genres and the intention to create a picture with a story.

After my Studies I worked as freelancer in Fashion and People Photography as well as Art Director in the same fields.


2013 I started as CD and Head of Photography at the Mondelli GmbH, heavenly in the field of creating new content and making internationally campaigns.

Since start of 2016 I started working as a freelancer again as a consultant for online shops, creative direction and photographer.


»One might compare the art of photography to the act of pointing.« John Szarkowski

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